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Using our Member's Forum

We hope you're all enjoying our new website! We want to show you around the Member's Forum so you can chat to other members, arrange and discuss sub group events and lots more... If you're familiar with online chat forums, you'll be ready to use this section but if not, here's a quick, handy guide:

  • First, you need to log in. Our Forum is strictly members only!

  • Go to Forum - you'll see lots of categories. To open a category, just click the picture.

  • You'll see posts you can comment on - or you can start your own. Join in with a current conversation or open a new thread!

All our subgroup leaders are moderators for their own subgroups and each subgroup has its own section. Please use them to chat with other members and to share what you've been up to with the rest of MVWI.

Here are our top tips for getting the most out of the Forum:

  • Make sure you have a profile picture. It's nice to see who you are chatting to!

  • All our forums are open to all MVWI members - take a look around, you might be inspired to join a new group.

  • Follow key categories so you don't miss out on news. Click the '3 dots' on a category to do this. Essential ones for all members are:

  1. General Chat

  2. MVWI Events

  3. Ladies Who Lobby - all our campaign and resolution news will be here

  4. Charity

  • Give it a go! This is a space to talk, share ideas or what we've all been up to. Make the most of it!

If you need help getting onto the Forum,get in touch.

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Unknown member
Sep 13, 2019

Ladies. If anyone is going to the Handmade Fair this weekend and haven't got their workshop tickets. Don't bother (unless there is something you REALLY want to do) as there are lots of stall holding much cheaper workshops

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